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The American Massage Therapy Association
National Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB)
Georgia Licensed #MT005456
Usui Reiki Level II Practitioner
                               12 yrs of 5-Star 
Luxury Hotel & Resort Experience

Taronda "Yahriel" Harrison, LMT, AMTA, NCTMB
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 After careful evaluation, my clients receive a full-body massage that caters to their specific needs. Combining various massage modalities like:
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot & Cold Stone, Reflexology,  Polarity, & Sports,
the client will experience a euphoric massage that's infused with the spiritual intent to administer Healing, Balance, and Pain Reduction.
                          90min $175
 There is a $25 & service fee for on-call massage appointments.
Travel Fees may vary for:
Distances over 1 hour outside of Atlanta
Impromptu Calls serviced at less than 3 hours notice
Services booked after 9pm
Get the most out of your session by UPGRADING to your choice of Add-On Service
Upgrade to Hot Stone, Relaxing Facial, Ear Candling, Foot Treatments, or Mud Wraps for only $25/per service

Introducing Yahriel's Cinnamon Brown Sugar Scrub
Organic Brown Sugar & Raw infused with Yahriel's Aromatherapy & Herbal Blending makes a perfect exfoliating treatment for your tired feet, hands, or back. Experience the soothing feel of dead skin being lifted away while works speedily to regenerate those .

Let Yahriel make a special salt soak or scrub for you with Himalayan or Dead Sea Salt. The perfect gift for you or that Special Someone.
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Try the Total Escape Package (2.5 hour service) $225
 (includes choice of any treatmnt add-on)
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Every BODY needs Bodywork! 
Be good to yourself and call for your massage today!!
(734)657-1098 cell
Available for on-call service in Metro Atlanta and
surrounding areas up to 4 hours away
Also available for personal contracted travel services
A Contraindication is a term used to describe a condition you may have that will prohibit you from receiving massage. Here are some of the typical Contraindications. If you have concerns about any of these or any conditions not mentioned, please call for consultation with Yahriel (734)657-1098. All personal and medical information is private and will not be discussed according to HIPPA laws.
Avoid alcohol, pain meds, and any form of recreational drugs at least 2 hours prior to bodywork
 Why?  Getting massage under the influence of alcohol can have FATAL results. Alcohol and pain meds take away your ability to determine if pressure is too deep and can cause serious injury. Massage creates a full-body circulation that spreads al cohol throughout the system and can cause immediate vomitting, extreme drunkeness, or stop the heart.  It is best to avoid alcohol before and at least 12 hours after a massage.  If you are on pain meds, you should skip a dose before your massage and take your dose IMMEDIATELY after your massage.
Massage is contraindicated for anyone in their 1st Trimester of pregnancy.  If you are actively trying to get pregnant or even think you may be pregnant, massage can cause MISCARRIAGE if performed before the first trimester.
If you have had chemotherapy within the last 6 months to a year, massage will be denied.  If you are awaiting the results of a biopsy, massage will be denied
WHY?  Massage creates a blood flow and circulation that can take cancer from one isolated area and spread it throughout the body.  The Chemo can also be fatally spread into the lymph system.  If chemo has been completed within the 6 months, but less than a year, a doctor's release is required. Cancer patients should seek out a Massage Therapist who has special certification to work on Cancer survivors. Ayurvedic, Crystal Work, and various Energy/Polarity Methods of Massage are excellent for those who are currently receiving chemo. Refer to the American Massage Therapy Website to find a practitioner in your area www.AMTAmassage.org
If you're appointment is due to a car wreck, injury, or broken bones, massage will not be administered without a written release or prescription from your doctor.
If you've recently had surgery (within 3-6 months), please bring a letter of release or prescription from doctor that advises massage.
Massage is contraindicated for clients with fever.
Why? The blood flow of massage will spread the fever throughout the body and this can be fatal.
If you have flu, persistent cough with phlegm, or extreme cold effects, please cancel your appointment until your immune system is strong.  Sinus drainage or pressure is okay to receive services.
HIV/Lupus/Auto Immune Conditions
Services will not be denied to HIV clients, however, if you have any open wounds, sores, or cuts, please disclose this at time of service so this can be evaluated and/or avoided.
I suggest that Lupus clients seek other forms of massage that I don't presently offer (Reiki, Lymph Drainage, Polarity).
All other auto immune diseases will require a doctor's note.
Post Stroke/Anuerysm
If you have recently experienced a stroke and you are under 40 and otherwise in good health, massage MAY BE contraindicated.  For clients with anuerysm, Massage can worsen blood clotting. So please call to discuss before making an appointment.
Blood Pressure and Blood sugar is lowered with massage therapy.  Therefore diabetics should monitor blood sugar and be sure to have food or snack immediately after services.
If there's anything not mentioned or if you have a question or concern, please call Yahriel @ (734)657-1098 to discuss confidentially.
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By David Arkenstone "Healing Waters"
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