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"In a very short time, Yahriel's holistic approach to massage did more to HEAL my athletic injuries than I could have imagined.  Yahriel is a gifted healer, a generous spirit, and an essential companion for anyone striving to keep their body strong." [Also]
"I greatly underestimated the healing power of Yahriel's Healing Salts, which I used in order to recover from a back sprain. The "Body Ache Blend" filled my home with the aromas and healing energies of a spa, and effectively relaxed my muscles.  I would certainly use them again and again!"

Professor, Emory University
Atlanta 2013

Yahriel, I just had to write and say, my co-worker tried to tease me and say that I pay too much for massage with 'that Yahriel person' and how she'd rather go to a local Spa Chain and pay less.  I told her, "Honey the jokes on YOU....you get what you pay for". Poor thing, she's gonna wear her liver out taking those pain pills for her migraines. That's what she gets for fooling around with those AMATEURS. I told her, I've been pain free since I ditched my chiropractor's $25 massage therapist and switched to the BLESSED HANDS OF FIRE. I got more out of ONE session with you, than I did out of a YEAR of therapy at my chiropractor....I'm just saying.....you get what you pay for.....now can I get a discount for this plug????? LOL LOL LOL Love you, Yahrie and LOVE THOSE HANDS!!!! 

Cynthia Baskin
Decatur, Ga
Car Wreck 2010-Whiplash Injury
I highly recommend Yahriel's Hands of Fire for a dynamic massage!
I had been suffering with a terrible throbbing headache that lasted for two days in a row.
I called Yahriel to come out
(at the last minute-about an hour west of Atl)
to utilize her services in an effort to relieve me from this headache...and Yahriel delivered!!! She's very prompt, knowlegable, professional, and caring. Not only did she perform the massage she also educated me during the process. As a result of her expertise and awesome technique my headache was gone and I was completely relaxed!!! I will definitely utilize her services again as well as recommend her to my family and friends!!

Anjela Clark
"Yahriel has created a NEW GOLD STANDARD FOR MASSAGE. Her healing hands remove the stress from your mind, soul, and body. Yahriel restores energy and brings back a sense of relaxation to your life. I TRAVEL FREQUENTLY and have had good massages throughout the WORLD, but Yahriel's touch and masterful blend of techniques [especially foot reflexology], made this experience THE BEST EVER. I will find my way to Yahriel any time my travels get me to Atlanta. She is extraordinary!"
Nancy J Di Dia
Intercontinental Buckhead Spa Guest May 2012
Norwalk, Connecticut
"I received my touch from Yahriel at Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead. All I can say is WOW. I travel frequently and have had many massages and I'd have to say Yahriel's was the best or at least one of the best massages I've ever had. It's as if she has majic or something in her hands. Truly an experience. I'll definitely be back...definitely"
Atlanta, Ga
   I came to see Yahriel @ Spa Sydell in Buckhead. I was limping and had a hard time getting up from my seat when she called my name. I had a sciatic flare up and I was in major pain. Yahriel used a mixture of ice and hot towels and did some "glut-work" that gave me immediate relief. I came back 2 days later and she did another method called 'releasing the psoas', {a muscle that she had to access through my stomach}. What a difference that made. I mean I was able to get on with my life after just two sessions. Thank God for Yahriel's Hands.
Portia Reynolds                                                                                   
Dunwoody, Ga
"This past weekend, my girlfriends and I experienced the Yahriel difference in massage [at Chateau Elan Spa] and she gave me my life back!  THANK YOU so much, for helping me to remember what I SHOULD feel like, versus what I was settling for.  I suffer from head/neck/shoulder and back tension. I had not had a massage in over 2 years.  In just 25 min, the stress, tension and pain was gone. Yahriel is a God send. She was very professional, very patient, informative and skilled. She has helped me realize I am worth taking care of me at least once a month...SO, see you next month girl! Oh, and she does excellent foot therapy too"
Mrs. Betty James (Chateau Elan Client)
Harlem, GA
At Home Mom-
Homeschooling 7 year old twins.
"One word to describe my Hands of Fire Experience, 'EXCELLENT'! I'm a veteran when it comes to massage, and I'd been seeing the same massage therapist for 5 years on a weekly basis.  When Yahriel came to join our staff at Jakki Colours, I was apprehensive about allowing her to work on me because I had a therapist.  After one session with Yahriel, I was hooked....I won't be seeing my old therapist anymore.  Yahriel worked on me after a long day of cutting hair.  My neck and shoulders were so uncomfortable and aching.  She did this thing with my neck where I had to lean into some intense soreness while she pressed on certain areas of my neck.  It's unbelievable how she was able to ELIMINATE pain with a method like that.  Just an awesome experience."
Mike Sayeh, Master Barber
Jakki Colours Concept Salon
Buckhead- Atlanta, GA
Two words to describe how I felt when I was finally able to get off the table...."THAAANK YA!!" The careful body assessment allowed Yahriel to connect with my body's needs and I could feel stress and tension areas being located and worked out. Not just another "generic massage". Yahriel designed the massage session around my specific needs, resulting in the best massage I've experienced. It's as if
this is her "ministry". I now have a new personal massage therapist.
Jamez Rogers
Atlanta, GA
"I must express my gratitude
to such a skilled professional! Ms.  
Taronda has a magical touch! My first massage session was unremarkably impressive! I was diagnosed with scoliosis at an early age. Taronda immediately could tell that my spine had a slight curvature before the session began, and amazingly after my session was done we both noticed an improvement! I am mostly grateful to find that she is an individual  
that is concerned about the well-being of her clients.  I received a follow-up courtesy call the next day. As a college student, I am in need of relaxation at an affordable price. It is guaranteed that once you've had the experience with YahrielsHands, you will not want to go anywhere else."
Christiana Hill
Shreveport, LA
“I've been getting massages practically all my life, and this has to be one of the best, if not the best massage I've ever had. There's something in your hands, girl!!!
Teri McGuire
Shreveport, LA
"I've been coming to Shreveport to get masssages at the casino for years, and now that you've touched me, I don't want to use anyone else for my massage therapist!!"
Michelle Goodson
Eustace, TX
"Yahriel noticed the way I was walking and moving and she was able to figure out just what I needed to get relief from my back pain.  I came to her table limping and got up wanting to leap.  She really helped me through a painful time of excrutiating back pain.  And it's not just the massage technique, it's the spiritual anointing, the burden lifting contact that I receive when I get bodywork from Yahriel. Her hands are truly blessed."
Kenneth Cornelius
Shreveport, LA
Acknowledgement Pt.1
By John Coltrane- "A Love Supreme"
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