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Yahriel's Hands of Fire - Massage Therapy at It's Best!  AMTA, NCBTMB, GA#MT5456
What does Yahriel mean?  
Yahriel is a Hebrew name. It is the female derivative of the name Uriel.  Uriel is an Arch Angel that fights with a fiery sword.  Yahriel can be translated as The Light or Fire of the Lord.  My "Chi or Flow" is through the power of the Holy Spirit (aka White Light) and it is with this intent that I administer Massage Therapy.
Why did Yahriel choose a career in Massage?
Between the ages of 18 and 28, I suffered from debilitating back pain.  I'm not sure where, when, or how my injury occurred, but it was the worst pain I've ever been in and I wouldn't wish that discomfort on my worst enemy.  I've had everything from spinal pain epidurals to hanging in the air from tractions.  Diagnosed with one slipped and one bulging lumbar disc,  a dislocated hip, and a pinched sciatic nerve that was pressed so tightly that it was about to break in half, I was practically unable to walk and perform daily tasks.  Therefore, Low Back Pain is my passion.  I can literally look at the way someone moves when sitting, standing, or stepping and recall the intensity of what that pain feels like.  While attending chiropractic services through Dr. Thomas Johnson [sometimes twice a day], I experienced the awesome healing ability of natural medicine. Massage Therapy for my back coupled with chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Johnson, brought me from crutches, to limping, and finally back to my regular walking and stride.  It was at that time that the massage therapists at his clinic suggested that I try a career in massage therapy.  Over 10 years later, [after way too many Corporate America lay-offs], I decided to pursue a massage career.         
I know it may sound corny, but as I did my beginning leg stroke of my first student clinic massage client,  it was as if the ceiling cracked with a bright light and I knew that I was DEFINITELY pursuing the right career.   I love people and have worked on many different races, creeds, and body types.  From 500 pounders to 98lb. slimsters. From 3 toes to stinky toes......and I won't mention other stuff I've seen LOL..... Each massage is approached with care and enthusiasm at the opportunity to HELP SOMEONE LIFT THE BURDEN OF PAIN, STRESS, & FATIGUE. 
Every BODY needs bodywork!
Dr. Thomas Johnson
9235 Mansfield Rd.
Shreveport, LA 7111
By John Coltrane- "A Love Supreme"
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